GREAT News, March 2018

Latest updates and installation status from the CEF Action GREAT

The first quarter of 2018 is drawing to a close and GREAT is pleased to see that progress is now being made within the LNG/LBG part of the Action. The Building permit for the station in Högbytorp was received in February.
The Action Status Report for 2017 was sent to INEA in the end of March.
“Getting support and grants as GREAT have from CEF also brings an obligation to report the achievements as well as obstacles in the project and we have the recent months been busy preparing the ASR for 2017. The report is also a Midterm Review this year with special requirements and an increased attention to the risks. An answer on the assessment will be received during the summer.” says Britt Karlsson-Green, GREAT Project Manager.
There is a constant increase in the degree of concern about the climate and health related issues GREAT is working to help solve. It is therefore important that development of alternative fuel technologies receives the support needed. GREAT will be arranging seminars and events to support and discuss alternative fuels throughout 2018. Continue reading and you will hopefully find interesting events to add to your calendar.

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What's left to be built?

February we finally received the building permit, for the LNG/LBG station in Högbytorp. Also, Volvo and Scania trucks are now on the market, a condition for building LNG/LBG stations in Sweden.

When spring finally arrives E.ON will continue to install the remaining 29 fast chargers.

Policy seminar at TEN-T Days

Join GREAT at our policy seminar ‘Enhancing the Alternative Fuels Market through Vision, Targets and Policy Measures’ during the TEN-T Days on 25 April 2018, 9:00 – 10:45 in room Urska 2.

In this seminar, GREAT presents the result and good practice for national and sub-national policy measures related to alternative fuels in our geography. This forms the basis for a discussion to widen the perspective by looking outside of the GREAT geography.

GREAT will also be present at the e-mobility and g-mobility booths during the TEN-T Days.

Breakfast seminar at Ekotransport 2030

Ekotransport 2030 is the largest conference on sustainable transport in Sweden. GREAT is arranging a breakfast seminar about LNG/LBG in road transport to kick off the conference. Together with some of the GREAT partners we will work out why running goods transports on LNG/LBG is such a good choice.

Join us at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm on 18 April.

Nordic Clean Energy Week

Green Mobility Conference on 23 May in Malmö

In May, Malmö and Copenhagen will host two major ministerial energy meetings (CEM9 and MI3). In connection to the meetings, the Nordic Clean Energy Week is organized in the Greater Copenhagen region with further activities and events in Malmö and Copenhagen.

GREAT is co-hosting a Green Mobility Conference together with Scandria2Act on 23 May at Börshuset in Malmö. We will also be present together with our OEM partners in organizing an EV shuttle service.

The Largest Electric Car Rally in the Nordics!

Helsingborg/Helsingør - Halmstad - Varberg, 25-26 May

GREAT is arranging the Largest Electric Car Rally in the Nordics, this time marking the end of Nordic Clean Energy Week. 

Battery and fuel cell electric cars will compete in an official Regularity Rally in the calendar of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation. The rally aims at strengthening the electric car community through a fun networking experience. It is also a way of showing the capabilities of modern electric cars as well as the performance of existing charging infrastructure.

Registrations are closing in on 60 cars but there are still a few places left. Take the chance and secure your place today.

Remember to register!

The Fehmarnbelt Days 2018, themed 'Tomorrow’s connections', are held on 28-29 May in Malmö. Take a chance to exchange ideas and experiences to develop possible growth opportunities of the emerging Fehmarnbelt Region.

On 29 May GREAT is hosting a seminar/workshop about megatrends in sustainability and the possibilities for green growth in the region they create.  

Upcoming Events

GREAT will be represented the following dates. If you would like to invite GREAT to take part in an event, please contact the coordinating team. Events are continuously updated at



18 April

Breakfast seminar, Ekotransport 2030, Stockholm

25-27 April

TEN-T Days, Ljubljana

22-25 May

Nordic Clean Energy Week, Malmö/Copenhagen

25-26 May

The Largest Electric Car Rally in the Nordics

28-29 May

Fehmarnbelt Days, Malmö

1-8 June

Almedalsveckan - Swedish political week, Visby

Germany 'bans' diesel

Earlier in March the German Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled that cities can ban all diesel cars that does not comply with Euro 6, in a landmark ruling hailed “a victory for clean air”. This ruling is not open to appeal and has come after environmental campaigners had sued German cities, arguing that they have a duty to cut excessive air pollution to protect people’s health.

Learn more about this campaign from representatives of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe who will be speaking at the GREAT seminar at Fehmarnbelt Days.

Region Skåne increases BEV fleet

A key issue for the partners of GREAT is to practice what we preach. All of the Supporting Public Partners have targets for when their organisation will be be fossil free. Something GREAT works actively to promote.

Region Skåne have for a long time used CBG vehicles in their fleet and in 2017 we further shifted out CV’s for BEV’s and PHEV’s. The vehicle park of 745 cars now consists of 37 PHEV (increase with 32%) and 22 BEV (increase with 50 %). The number of personal cars running on CBG is 576.

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