GREAT News, September 2017

Latest updates and installation status from the CEF action GREAT

The 21st and 22nd of September it's again time to gather the EU transport corridor stakeholders for the Connecting Europe Conference in Tallinn. GREAT will of course be represented at the conference.

"We go to Tallinn following a few months of good progress in the project. Fast chargers will continue to be installed at a high rate this fall and the LNG station building permits are under way, although we are delayed. I'm looking forward to meet our EU and industry partners in Tallinn to discuss how we can use the experiences from our project to further upscale the use of alternative fuels and the necessary development of decarbonisation." says Britt Karlsson-Green, GREAT Project Manager.

This fall will also be full of events. Come and visit one of GREAT's Drive Clean events in Sweden to test drive EV's and learn more about the advantages of AFV's from a user/owner perspective. We will be happy to see you at our seminars, all with an overlying purpose to advance the alternative fuel market share.

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What's left to be built?

E.ON is making GREAT progress!
The last couple of months have shown fast progress in installations and grid connections. During this fall several more fast chargers are expected to be installed in both Sweden and Denmark.

Connecting Europe Conference

Come and meet the GREAT project at two joint stands focusing on alternative fuel infrastructure. GREAT can be found in the joint presentation of 7 innovative electromobility projects, titled JOIN THE E\VOLUTION, as well as in the NGVA stand with our LNG infrastructure. Hope to see you at the Connecting Europe Conference on 21.-22. September 2017 in Tallinn!

Brussels 14 November - Save the date

Join GREAT and HyER in a seminar on alternative fuels in heavy road transports. Commission reps., Regional politicians and Industry will be discussing policy and technical solution for LNG/LBG, Hydrogen and Emobility. Make a note in your calendar and an invite will follow soon.

Upcoming Events

GREAT will be represented the following dates. If you would like to invite GREAT to take part in an event, please contact the coordinating team. Events are continuously updated at



21-22 September

Connecting Europe Conference, Tallinn

29 September

Drive Clean, Malmö

13 October

Drive Clean, Uddevalla

3 November

Drive Clean, Strömstad

10 November

EV Drivers - Behaviour and statistics seminar, Gothenburg @ eCarExpo

14 November

Alternative fuels in heavy road transports seminar, Brussels

18 April 2018

Breakfast seminar, Stockholm @ Ekotransport 2030

25-26 May 2018

Drive Clean Rally, Halmstad

The new Nissan LEAF is here!

The 6th of September Nissan finally released the long awaited new LEAF. With all new design, 40 kW battery for longer range and self-driving capabilities this is bound to be a big selling EV. GREAT is happy for this addition to the EV market since it is another important step towards AFV's being the new normal when it comes to cars.

GREAT outlook

GREAT follows with great interest the commitment to bio methane made by the food chain Carrefour. The plan is to have 200 vehicles for bio methane by end 2017. These will handle deliveries to 250 stores in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille. 9 filling stations with liquid bio methane are now in place. Carrefour's ambitious target of reducing climate emissions by 30% compared to 2010 led to the decision to invest in bio methane.

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