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GREAT News, April 2016

Spring is finally coming to Scandinavia and GREAT is hard at work getting the project up to full speed. Please continue reading to get an update on upcoming events, installations, team members and much more. And remember, GREAT is an enabler for:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Sustainable cross border transports
  • Upscaled number of AFVs on the road

What's left to be built?

In each coming edition of GREAT News we will report on the progress of the project by counting down the individual infrastructure left to be built.

First Quick Charger on the way

With the milestone for the first three Quick Chargers installed by May 1 closing in, E.ON Sweden is working hard to have them in place by this date. Mattias Vendel at E.ON Sweden says “Intense work on the deployment side has now led to three identified placements to be put into operation in May. E.ON is very much looking forward to rolling out one of Sweden's largest eMobility investments ever to the public.”

The first operational Quick Charger in GREAT will be located at Nobelvägen in Malmö and will be really useful for citizens and visitors in Malmö. Stay tuned for more information on this new site.

Upcoming Events

The following dates GREAT will be represented. If you would like to suggest participation or add items to the list, please contact the coordinating team on the addresses at



April 8

Connectivity in Scandinavian and Northern European Infrastructure, Stockholm
We will be spreading the word about GREAT and open up for cooperation with partners interested in the development GREAT stands for

May 1

First three Quick Chargers installed

May 9

Executive Steering Group meeting, Køge

June 18

Folkemødet, Bornhom
GREAT will be a part of the Transport day at the Greater Copenhagen Tent

June 20-22

TEN-T Days, Rotterdam
GREAT will be present as an exhibitioner

July 7

Almedalen, Gotland
GREAT will be a part of a seminar on Alternative Fuels and Bio methane at Öresundshuset


Fehmarnbelt Days, Hamburg
Bilateral meeting with partners and public organisations supporting GREAT

Öresund Electric Car Rally

After six years of successful realisation, the Öresund Electric Car Rally is well-established and we are many in this business looking forward to this yearly two-day event. The plan is now to incorporate the rally in the project as it is a really good way of marketing EV’s and their possibilities and advantages as being one of the solutions for the future.

A formal invitation will be sent out later this spring. Please save the date for 17-18 September 2016 and if you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact

ASR Submitted

The first ASR for the project is successfully submitted and we are now waiting for the response from INEA. It has indeed been a learning process and GREAT would like to thank all of the Activity leaders as well as INEA and the CEF offices in Denmark, Sweden and France for support and good advice.

Consortium Agreements

The Consortium Agreement is in production and a draft will be sent out in the coming weeks. After necessary bilateral discussions we hope that we can land a final draft in May for signing.

Delay for LNG station in Högbytorp, Upplands Bro

Recent information received from E.ON Biofor states that the station for LNG planned for 2016 will be delayed. This due to new data regarding the land-owner´s environmental permit. The station will have to be relocated within the actual site. Relocation will be less than 400 meters south from original location, i.e. closer to motorway E18 and thereby even easier for trucks to access the station. However, the change requires also the municipality to do a new plan regarding land-use. Therefore, E.ON Biofor Sverige AB can’t get building permits until the new plans are settled according to the normal process within the municipality.

For the C-LNG station in Halmstad no new location decided yet. More news to come.

The GREAT coordinating team: Jonas, Britt and Emma

Introducing - New team members

Since the beginning of March the coordinating team in GREAT is working at full capacity. Jonas Brantefors has started as Coordinator for Marketing and Events and Emma Cosmo as Project Coordinator. Together with the Project Manager Britt Karlsson-Green they are the GREAT team at Region Skåne.

Jonas will have a coordinating role for communication in GREAT and has a background in advertising as a Project Manager, most recently at the Malmö agency Bysted. “GREAT is really making a change towards green transports and it’s fantastic to be a part of this positive project” Jonas says.

Emma joins GREAT from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, where she has worked as Marketing and Communication Manager. “As GREAT is such a forward looking project, I am really excited to be on board. I can’t think of anything more valuable to work with” Emma says

To get in touch with the GREAT team, you can find all contact details at

New Activity Leader

Mrs Elisabetta Cherchi is the new Activity Leader for Activity 7, Evaluation, Assessment and Future development, at our partner DTU (Danish Technical University). She is replacing Thomas Sick Nielsen who is moving on to new challenges. GREAT would like to send a warm welcome to Elisabetta and we wish Thomas all the best for the future and thank him for his dedicated support and work in the project.


We predict a growing number of people (read Norwegians) taking a longer road trip/holiday trip with their electric vehicles as the expansion of infrastructure for charging continues. During Easter the charging station for Teslas in Falkenberg was crowded!

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