GREAT News, September 2018

Latest updates and installation status from the CEF Action GREAT

This newsletter starts with great news indeed. FordonsGas is now under way with building the first LNG/LBG filling station in GREAT, located in Mjölby. Ground work has started and the station is expected to go into operation during Q1 2019.

"It has been a journey to get the GREAT LNG/LBG stations in Sweden moving. As a heavy-truck producing country, with very loyal domestic customers, we are dependent on local OEMs Volvo and Scania to produce LNG trucks. With these trucks now entering the road we can finally start the shift to LNG/LBG also in Sweden, something the first GREAT filling station is an enabler for" says Britt Karlsson-Green, GREAT Project Manager.

This fall we are also finishing our public test drive events focused on personal cars. The Drive Clean Tour stops in six cities across Denmark. Take the chance to test drive an EV, whether you are a child or an adult! 

As always there are plenty of upcoming GREAT events. Read on and find out where to meet us. You can find info about GREAT and latest news at

What's left to be built?

E.ON is hard at work to install the remaining chargers in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Visit to see a map of all charger locations with pictures of the chargers.

LNG/LBG station to open Q1 2019

FordonsGas is announcing that they have started construction of their GREAT LNG/LBG filling station, located in Mjölby, Sweden.

The station is planned to open during Q1 2019.

Drive Clean under way in Denmark

The Drive Clean Tour is now running in Denmark. The event was launched to the press in August with support from the top politicians with GREAT partners City of Copenhagen, The Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand. Visit to read the press release in full (Danish only).

Upcoming Events

GREAT will be represented the following dates. If you would like to invite GREAT to take part in an event, please contact the coordinating team. Events are continuously updated at



8 September

Drive Clean, Aalborg

15 September

Drive Clean, Århus

18 September

evRoaming4EU Kick-off, Copenhagen

22 September

Drive Clean, Copenhagen

27 September

STRING CEF event, Brussels

29 September

Drive Clean, Roskilde

5 October

Drive Clean, Svendborg

9 October

HyER seminar at EWCR, Brussels

30 November -
2 December

eCar Expo, Gothenburg

12 March 2019

GREAT Conference, Malmö

Invitation to the evRoaming4EU kick-off

GREAT partners CPH-Electric and E.ON, together with NKL, invites Swedish and Danish municipalities, regions and other stakeholders to participate and exchange knowledge on roaming for seamless cross-border charging.

Join the kick-off on 18 September at Copenhagen Zoo and take part in the solution for ‘Smart and Cross-border Charging’.

Watch the Almedalen seminar

During the Swedish political week Almedalen GREAT arranged the seminar ”A paradigm shift for Swedish car sales. Will it happen now?” at Öresundshuset. On stage was, among others, Karolina Skog, Swedish Minister for Environment. The seminar can be seen in its entirety from Öresundshuset’s YouTube channel (Swedish only).

GREAT joins HyER at EWCR

During the European Week of Cities and Regions GREAT will take part in the workshop: 'Cross border cooperation to accelerate the deployment of alternative fuels' arranged by HyER at South Denmark House, Avenue Palmerston 3, Brussels. Take the chance and join the event if you are in Brussels.

GREAT Predicts: Export of Swedish PM's

New national policy measures in Sweden is affecting the car market. If successful these can be applied in other countries.

1 July 2018 Sweden introduced its bonus-malus system for new personal cars and LCV's. In short this forces the polluter to pay a premium that is returned to the buyer of more environmentally friendly cars such as BEV's, PHEV's, FCEV's and CNG cars.

1 January 2019 new Swedish legislation that all fuels should be labelled with climate effect and country of origin is introduced. 

This labelling is to be shown at the refuelling and charging stations. Sweden thus becomes the first country in the world with this kind of requirement to show source information on fuels.

2018 also saw an increased interest in LNG/LBG in Sweden. The Government has announced a national initiative worth 200 MSek (~20 MEUR) to support the setting up of an LBG innovation cluster.

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