GREAT News, June 2018

Latest updates and installation status from the CEF Action GREAT

An intense spring draws to a close and the Action is still hard at work building infrastructure for e-mobility and g-mobility as well as communicating and disseminating for an increased market share for alternative fuels and AFVs. It has been a pleasure to meet so many dedicated people at for example TEN-T Days, Ekotransport 2030 and Nordic Clean Energy Week. They are all working hard to achieve decarbonisation! GREAT is also proud to be able to boost EV ambassadors in our electric car rally.

In the end of this year we will see deliveries of the reports on Policy Measures and Business Models together with dissemination of our recommendations. We are still putting the fall event schedule in place and we are finalising the dates for Drive Clean in Denmark and Sweden as well as interesting meetings and seminars.

Reports from some of the events this spring is found in this newsletter. Also, make sure not to miss our seminar with the Swedish minister for environment if you are at the Swedish political week Almedalen.

You can always find info about GREAT and latest news at

What's left to be built?

New chargers in both Sweden and Denmark are being installed in June. Visit to see a map of all charger locations with pictures of the chargers.

Drive Clean is coming to Denmark!

We are proud to announce that starting in late summer, GREAT will arrange Drive Clean events in Denmark. The last locations are being finalised and the web site kø is now online. Check the site to keep updated on coming tour dates in Denmark.

Minister joins GREAT in Almedalen

Karolina Skog, Swedish minister for environment is headlining a seminar titled "A paradigm shift for Swedish car sales. Will it  happen now?". This is arranged by GREAT during the Swedish political week at Almedalen.

The seminar is open to all so take the chance and join us on 4 July, 16.30-17.15 at Öresundshuset, Hästgatan 1, Visby.

Upcoming Events

GREAT will be represented the following dates. If you would like to invite GREAT to take part in an event, please contact the coordinating team. Events are continuously updated at



4 July

GREAT Seminar, Almedalen

8 September

Drive Clean, Aalborg - more Danish and Swedish dates to come

27 September

STRING CEF event, Brussels

9 October

HyER seminar at EWCR, Brussels

30 November -
2 December

eCar Expo, Gothenburg

21 March 2019

GREAT Conference, Malmö

New Director for STRING

GREAT is pleased to welcome Thomas Becker as new Managing Director of the project initiator; STRING Network. Mr. Becker has been highly involved in sustainable devlopment and climate change in both private companies, the Danish government, EU and the UN, including the prestegious Danish presidency of the COP 15 in Copenhagen in 2009.  

Rally results

25-26 May 2018 GREAT arranged the Largest electric car rally in the Nordics as part of the Drive Clean campaign. Results and pictures from the event are now online.

Nordic Clean Energy Week

21-25 May 2018 the Nordic Clean Energy Week was held in Malmö and Copenhagen and during this GREAT teamed up with Scandria2Act to promote and discuss green vehicles. Thogether we created three different events: a green mobility arena, an electric car shuttle service and a clean vehicles exhibition.

Policy measures seminar at the TEN-T Days

GREAT hosted a seminar titled “Enhancing the Alternative Fuels Market through Vision, Targets and Policy Measures” at the TEN-T Days on the 25th of April. In the seminar, results and good practices for national and sub-national policy measures related to alternative fuels were presented.

Seminar at the Swedish Riksdag

GREAT arranged a breakfast seminar on 17 May at the Swedish Riksdag (Swedish national parliament) to discuss the development of environmental zones and diesel cars in light of the development in Germany.

GREAT Predicts: EV infra is heating up

We have seen CPO's being bought by oil companies and with the recent acquisition of Allego by Meridiam we see investment companies also moving into the market. A quite important signal to the market that this is a growing business, worth watching and attractive to invest in. 

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